Brings affordable solar cooking to people and places where it really matters.

All it takes is a clear blue sky and a SuniCook to cook with the radiation from the sun. The SuniCook heats the dish all around, just as it is done in a conventional oven.

Power of the sun

Uses the power of the sun

No firewood

No firewood or other fuels

Easy to use

Easy to set up, easy to use


Environmental friendly


Meet Fatou

For Fatou and her fellow village citizens, the SuniCook is not only a affordable way to cook. She is also concerned about the preservation of the nature and thinks the SuniCook can stop the deforestration.

Watch Fatou's story

Cooking on wood is a major cause of deforestation in Third World countries. More than 2 billion people still cook on wood or charcoal daily. With the rise in gas prices many people switch back to wood or charcoal. In rural areas there is hardly any wood found. Searching for wood is a job for women and children. Especially for children, the time-consuming gathering of wood, up to 6 hours each day, keeps children away from school.

A full conversion to solar cookers would save up to two million tons of kindling-wood annually

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